Five Fashion Accessories to Enhance Your White Teeth

Although fashion is hot, hot, hot, and we all get obsessed with the latest trends in clothing, makeup and jewelry, there’s nothing like a great smile and white teeth to show off your inner beauty. 


The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.” — Alicia Keys

So let’s take it one step further. What kinds of fashion accessories make you smile? What adornments light up your face like a million candles?

Let’s have a look at some fashion faves that may bring a smile to your lips, and show off your pearly whites to their greatest advantage:

Swarovski Crystal Headwear


Photo by Margaret Zhang

Who doesn’t love a little bling once in a while? The ultimate in jeweled bedazzlement to surround your face is this elegant Swarovski headpiece. Perfect for a bride or a debutante, or for when you’re walking the red carpet at your next movie premiere night. It will absolutely bring out the twinkle in your eye and the shine of your clean, white teeth.

Red Lipstick


Photo courtesy of Vogue Australia

Nothing makes the white of your teeth pop quite like a good, red lipstick. Whether it’s deep burgundy or fire engine red, matte finish or shiny and glossy, red lipstick is an eye-catching, attention grabbing choice that accentuates one of the most beautiful and sensual parts of your body – your lips. Some people think that the only makeup a woman really needs, is lipstick. In fact, some women swear that lipstick (and a good, strong cup of coffee) is the only thing they need to get through the day.

Bold. Confident. Sexy. White teeth. Red lipstick. Enough said.

A Jaunty Chapeau


Photo courtesy of Vogue Australia

A daring hat can frame your face and bring a dynamic touch to your wardrobe, even as it highlights your dazzling smile and clean, white teeth. Whether you choose something casual or sophisticated, highly constructed or loose and floppy, colorful and bright or elegantly restrained, a hat makes a fashion statement all of its own. And doesn’t a hat often bring out another side of you? More daring and ready to ready to take risks?

Think of the show of hats at royal wedding or the hats of the Kentucky Derby. How can you not smile at the audacity and invention of these phenomenal creations? Let the wearers be proud, and show off their gorgeous smiles, framed in glory.

A Colorful Scarf


Image courtesy of Temps Des Rěves

A colorful scarf can bring up any outfit, but more importantly, it can frame your face in a beautiful way that inspires a dazzling smile. Worn for warmth in the winter, for comfort and extra protection during the spring or fall, or as a headwrap any time, a scarf makes a distinct fashion statement and offers the wearer a unique opportunity for self-expression.

Bold Jewelry


It’s true, jewelry can definitely bring a smile to the lips. But even though we started this piece by talking about bling, good jewelry doesn’t necessary have to be made of diamonds and gold. The choice of materials is endless, as are the styles and shapes. Limited only by budget and more importantly, imagination, adornment around the face, ears and neck is a fantastic way to celebrate and show off your clean, white teeth.


You are beautiful! Celebrate your beauty! Take care of your teeth so you can protect that gorgeous smile of yours! And let us help you keep your teeth at their whitest.