Preventive dentistry will build a strong healthy foundation to save you time, money and possible pain

Step-by-Step Processes Designed to Brighten Your Smile

  • A Complete Examination of Your Teeth, Gums, Joints and Skin – By examining all of your head and neck area, our clinicians can identify any potential problems including gum disease, cavities, skin deterioration and more.
  • Professional Photos of Your Teeth – Through these photos, we can show you what we see in your mouth at every stage in your dental journey with us.
  • Prophy Jet Cleaning – Prophy Jet cleanings remove stains while whitening your smile, without having to continually scrape on your teeth.
  • Fluoride Application – Our special fluoride treatment ensures that all of your teeth are bathed in the latest topical fluoride, ensuring that you leave our office with no sensitivity and greater protection.

Your Oral Examination

When you first meet our dentists, you will have an initial consultation with, where we get to know you and understand your expectations and any concerns that you may have before having a visual examination. We use the latest intra-oral photographic equipment, which are capable of showing you any problems that might exist. If more information is needed or if it is your first visit with us, x-rays may be necessary to further investigate any issues that may be present.

Our Preventive Maintenance Program

Even for the best of us, sometimes life gets in the way and we forget to attend the dentist for our maintenance visits. That is why we have a specially designed maintenance program to keep you smiling bigger and brighter than ever. This maintenance program involves monitoring any specific conditions that we identify at your first visit and regular teeth scaling and polishing. Ask our friendly staff for further information at your next visit.