What Happens Before and After Getting Braces

Have you ever thought about getting braces? Maybe your teeth have always been crooked and you want a more beautiful smile? Or maybe you have a misalignment of your jaw called an overbite that causes your upper jaw to stick out farther than your lower jaw. Whatever reason you are considering getting braces, you will be happy to know you’re in good company, even if you’re an adult.

At one time, braces were mainly worn by teenagers who felt self-conscious about their crooked teeth. Braces are not just for teens anymore as adults are also getting braces these days. In fact, twenty percent of people who wear braces are adults. If you are trying to decide whether or not to get braces, it might be helpful to know and understand the process.Â

Before Getting Braces

Getting braces is a big step. It’s also more important than about looking good. Getting braces can be positive for oral health as well. Before you get them put on, here are some things you will want to keep in mind:Â

  • Consult with a dentist or orthodontist first to see how getting braces could benefit you
  • On average, adults can expect to wear braces between 12 and 20 months
  • Stay with the same dentist or orthodontist for the duration of your treatment
  • Alert your dentist if you are allergic to nickel, latex and other elements used for braces
  • Talk to your dentist about non-metal options or clear braces such as Invisalign


Image Source via Flickr @ Sherman Geronimo-Tan

Wearing Braces

Wearing braces means you are going to have to pay more attention to your teeth than ever. Since eating causes food to be stuck in the brackets leading to bad breath and tooth decay, you will want to make sure to brush your teeth after every meal. If you are in a situation where you can’t get away to brush your teeth, at least swish some water around inside your mouth to loosen up stuck food particles.Â

Another thing you will have to do daily is floss your teeth. A lot of people don’t make this a daily practice but it is especially important if you are wearing braces. By using a special floss threader, you will still be able to floss your teethwhile wearing braces.

There are certain foods you will have to avoid eating while having braces. Many foods get stuck in the brackets and can even cause damage to the wires. While it may be hard to avoid some of these foods, especially if you love eating popcorn during a movie, it is best to abstain from them while you are wearing your braces.

Food to avoid include:Â

  • popcorn
  • nuts
  • gum
  • ice
  • sticky candy

Getting Braces Tightened

Wearing braces isn’t always fun, in fact sometimes it can be downright painful. This is especially true when you need to get your braces tightened. This usually occurs every four to six weeks. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to alleviate the pain. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever before and after your appointment. You can also eat or drink cold foods like fruit smoothies or ice cream to help numb the pain.Â

After BracesÂ

Getting your braces off will be a time to celebrate. You have a new smile and along with it you will feel more confident than ever. It’s a wonderful feeling but there are still a few things you will have to do after your braces finally come off. You will have to wear a retainer. Thankfully, most retainers can be worn at night only. You might be able to get a permanent retainer that is hidden behind your top and bottom teeth.Â

If you don’t wear some sort of retainer, your teeth will start moving back to the way they were. After all your pain and suffering, you certainly don’t want to go back to having crooked teeth.

True Stories

People who get braces usually never regret it. Jennifer got braces at the age of 29. She says it was worth the “slight discomfort” of getting braces. Kayla hated having braces but in the end said her two-year journey with braces was all worth it.Â

If you still aren’t convinced braces are right for you or you, take a look at these photos.

Braces before and after photos


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Image Source via Wikimedia@ Jeffrey Dorfma

It’s Worth Getting Braces

Even though there is discomfort involved and you have to make a few lifestyle adjustments, in the end getting braces is always worth it. With straight teeth and a beautiful smile, you will be more self-confident than ever and ready to conquer the world!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to see how we can get you started on wearing braces.