Five Tips for Choosing a Dentist

For most patients, choosing a dentist is not easy. The reason? Finding a dentist that you and your family are comfortable with isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Some dentists are great at their job, but they don’t necessarily put you at ease. Some might not listen to their patients as closely as they should, while others just charge too much for their services. In the end, you as the patient need a dentist who will listen to your oral health problems and provide the best dental care procedures within an affordable budget. Rest assured, though, that with afew tips,you will find a good dentist to care for you and your family.


#1 – Check with the Australian Dental Association

The ADA keeps current with the latest information about its members. The association has a complete list of their dentists in an area, their specializations, education, clinic location, etc. As a result, if you are moving to a specific location, you can easily use the onsite search engine to find a professional quickly and efficiently. In case the dentist has any pending legal cases against him or her, you might also get relevant information about it on the website.

#2 –Dental Facilities and Dentist Personality

Good dentists usually offer a range of facilities. Apart from general dental care, they will also offer specialized dental care facilities like emergency care, and home care facilities. They will also follow conventional dental treatment procedures by starting with a thorough dental examination, a complete medical assessment and evaluation procedure. After the evaluation, the dentist will recommend a course of treatment and explain the treatment to you. You should be able to talk to the dentist and discuss your worries and concerns. Remember, your dentist will be with you for a very long time and if you aren’t comfortable with his or her chair side manner and facilities, it really means you will not be comfortable with him or her in the long term.

#3 – Continuing Professional Development

All dentists are required to continue their education though CDE or Continuing Dental Education classes. This helps them learn about the latest dental techniques, the latest dental treatment modalities, dental materials, etc. Most states and territories have a basic requirement of CDE, but good dentists usually go above and beyond this requirement to improve their skills and to add to their dental knowledge. This continuing education can be very useful for patients as they are provided with a huge range of dental treatment procedures and expert dental help at an affordable price.

#4 – Infection Control

Now it is necessary for dentists to follow stringent sterilization and infection control measures. For example, your dentist should sterilize all equipment used on each patient. The dentist should wear a mask and gloves, should sterilize the handpiece, dental table, and the dental chair in between every appointment. To ensure maximum infection control, the dentist should be able to prove that he maintains cross contamination and sterilization processes recommended by the ADA and the Occupational Health Services Australia (OHSA).

#5 – Skill

Simply put, a dentist’s skill level is just as important as anything else. Some dentists just seem to do an excellent cosmetic dental procedures even with the simplest of materials and a basic dental degree. As dentistry is a hands-on profession, skill is something you have to evaluate before you choose a dentist. If possible, inquire about experience and ask for before/after pictures that will help you make an informed decision.

Do not be afraid to discuss your oral health problems with your dentist. All dentists are trained to listen to patients and help them with their oral problems. Choose a dentist who is interested in your health and your oral problems, as they will be invested in making you feel better. The more the dentist cares for you, the better the treatment will be. /p>