Eight Common, But Dumb Ways People Use Their Teeth

Your teeth are strong. They are designed for carnivorous activities such as tearing flesh from bones. But why stop there? Your teeth can be handy in ways you’ve yet to discover, such as using them as a household tool. All joking aside, people do all kinds of crazy, terrible things to their teeth. Fact is, these seemingly innocuous habits can do real damage, including chipping your teeth and causing root damage. Another fact? You’ve probably done at least one of these things on this list. Just remember, if you’re not careful, you may end up seeing us again long before your next scheduled visit. Don’t worry, we’re always happy to schedule last minute appointments for special circumstances.


Forget Kitchen Gadgets – Just Use Your Teeth

1)Don’t bother with a bottle opener. Screw tops are great, but sometimes they are just a little too hard to turn, and you can’t ever remember if it’s clockwise or counterclockwise to open. Who wants to tear up their hands trying to wrestle with them? Need a good grip? Just grab a hold of that baby with your teeth and turn. Counterclockwise. Note from CBD: This is actually a great way to wear the enamel off your teeth or even chip a tooth.

2) Need crushed ice? Your teeth can definitely do the trick. Your jaw can open plenty wide enough to fit in at least two cubes (one on each side) and the crunching, grinding motion you’ve been practicing in your sleep will come in extra handy. Never mind that cold feeling that reaches deep into your jaw. That’s just nature’s way of telling you that your teeth are still alive! Note from CBD: If you like that searing feeling, then keep doing this. The more you wear away your enamel, crunching on those cubes, the more likely it is that you will develop permanent sensitivity to cold.

3) Got a bag of potato crisps that needs opening? This is one of the best ways your teeth can make themselves useful. Don’t open it with your hands and risk the crisps flying all over the place. Just tear into it with your teeth. Pinch the bag with your fingers just below where you bite (for extra traction) and then tear carefully. It’s easy. And don’t worry about how many people with dirty hands have handled the bag in the store. Those extra germs will really help you build your immune system. Note from CBD: Seriously, you don’t know where it’s been. Bags of any kind that have been sitting on store shelves have been touched by many hands that may or may not have been properly washed. Need we say more?

4) Walnuts. This one is great for the holidays. Cracking nuts with your teeth is not only a great party starter, but for Christmas, you can always don the famed Nutcracker costume and entertain the kids. Note from CBD: This is actually a great way to crack a tooth, or a veneer. And the last thing you need is a dental emergency on Christmas Day.

Helpful Teeth Inside the House and Out

5) Bending metal. You know how sometimes you pull nails out of the wall and they get kind of bent? You probably thought you had to throw them out. Well here’s a suggestion that will save you the time and expense of purchasing new nails. Simply bite down hard on either side of the bend, and push down until the nail is straightened. Your kids will really love this one. They’ll think you’re a regular super hero! Note from CBD: Nails are much harder than tooth enamel. This could actually crack a tooth in half and result in damage to the root. We know you’re tough, but this is not the best way to show it.

6) Untying shoelaces. They can be so pesky when they knot up. Especially when they’re really tight, just dig in there with those canines and pull hard until they come loose. Never mind how close your shoes are to the ground. All that dirt that gets kicked up – just like the germs on the crisps, you want to get your body used to the fact that it’s not really safe out there, so the more exposure, the better. Note from CBD: Repeated use of your teeth in this fashion can result in the wearing away of enamel. Eventually this can weaken teeth and increase the risk of tooth sensitivity. And then of course, there is the germ thing.

7) Opening envelopes. Don’t bother with letter openers, they can really be too sharp. Just use your teeth to tear past the adhesive. Paper cuts are always a possibility, so be ready for a little extra fun! Note from CBD: Did we mention paper cuts?

8) Pulling rope. You’ve seen strong men do it on television. It’s a real crowd pleaser. Useful for sailing, gardening, packing to move and towing cars. Don’t be intimidated, you can do it, too! Note from CBD: Seriously, there was an account of a woman who used to hold the ropes of her sailboat’s mast between her teeth. They wore down so far, she needed to cover them all in porcelain veneers. This one could really cost you.

The most important thing to remember is that your teeth can do anything you tell them they can do. You’re in charge. But remember, you’ll be spending much more time visiting your dentist for those emergency repairs. We’ll see you soon!