Dreams About Teeth: What Do They Mean?

Dreams about teeth, their meaning and symbolism, have been the subject of speculation for thousands of years. As with any dream analysis, the significance of different images can be very subjective, depending on the association held by the person who has had the dream. Interestingly, teeth as a central dream image are among the most common images reported in dreams all over the world, in many different cultures.


The Many Interpretations of Teeth Dreams

Teeth dreams can involve the themes of teeth breaking, rotting, missing or pulling. One of the more popular dreams is of teeth falling out. This has been interpreted to symbolize everything from regret over the words that escape our mouths to a fear of failure. In some cultures, this dream can signify the death of a loved one,and has even corresponded to premonitions. Other times, it has been associated with the ending of an important relationship.

Dreams about pulling teeth can be interpreted as anything from an indication that something needs to come out of one’s life to a feeling of pulling yourself too hard in some situation or life event. If someone else is pulling at your teeth, it could mean they are trying to get something from you. Sometimes people experience teeth pulling dreams when they have a toothache and are nervous about visiting the dentist.

Teeth Dreams as Reflections of Ourselves

Probably the most common dream that people experience at least once in their lifetimes is one that involves our teeth rotting. It is said that this dream is connected to our fears and anxieties, and also our concerns about how other people may perceive us. Broken or chipped teeth may indicate a sense that something is broken within us, or that an aspect of our life needs fixing.

According to Jungian psychotherapist Richard Nicoletti, dreams about teeth falling out may be connected to a feeling that our survival is being threatened. Recurring dreams about teeth falling out may be connected to a general sense that your life is out of control, or that there are multiple worries affecting your ability to feel safe. If you dream about someone else’s teeth falling out, it may indicate an over-exaggerated fear of that person in waking life.

On the other hand, dreams about shiny, straight teeth may indicate feelings of confidence and self-assurance, or peace and contentment about a specific situation. Dreaming about a person or a pet with beautiful teeth may express the sense that the relationship with that individual is a source of joy and brings about a feeling of confidence.

Of course, dreams about teeth may not be symbolic at all. If you are having actual problems with your teeth, or feeling concerned about them, you may very well be dreaming about them at night. If you are having troubling or painful symptoms, or are preparing for oral surgery, you may very well be experiencing pain at night that is keeping you from sleeping soundly and bringing you disturbing dreams, too.

The field of dream interpretation is a very subjective one. Although there are many theories about dreams and different methods of analysing and interpreting them, they are most often a coded method of revealing hidden aspects of the unconscious. By charting their progress and taking note of images and situations that recur on a regular basis, we can learn more about ourselves, our fears and desires.

Perhaps because our teeth are such a vulnerable part of our bodies, so easily damaged or broken, they are a natural choice for our unconscious minds to focus on as metaphors for our deepest fears and anxieties. Whatever you believe, if you are dreaming about teeth, you are most likely preoccupied with something personal that impacts you on a deep emotional level.

Either that, or you are overdue for your next dental exam…